Creating the next generation of Mathematicians.

Through our Maths tuition plans, we foster a fully-fledged understanding in the following areas, but the development of our students is certainly not tied exclusively to these areas:

  • Formal mathematical knowledge to interpret and solve problems.

  • Understanding of the number system and place value.

  • Develop confidence and fluency with whole numbers, decimals and fractions.

  • Use of the four operations with relative ease, including confidence with a range of methods including column addition, column subtraction, multiplication and DMSB.

  • Effective use of measuring instruments to measure accurately and with confidence, including measuring centimetres, millimetres and degrees.

  • An appreciation for the properties of shape and the ability to use the correct vocabulary to describe these properties.

  • Understanding how units of measurement can be applied to real objects, outside of a classroom.


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There’s no universal explanation for a Maths question.

Never, at Gifted Thinkers, do we stop at one explanation of a Maths topic: we explain it in a plethora of ways in order to help our students to truly understand the question at stake.

We appreciate the diverse and wonderful ways that children think and break down a problem in order to understand it further. For this reason, we know that one explanation does not fit all.


We tune into the unique way that our students think and adapt our teaching style to suit their distinct interpretation of the subject. For some students, it is easy to conceptualise fractions but for others, they may need a visual aid to help ground this new concept. We adjust the language of our teaching to help our students to academically thrive: some of our learners understand concepts logically, some visually and others respond to creativity. Rather than an inflexible approach to learning, we speak in a language your child will understand.



Bespoke learning that encourages exceptional Mathematical progress.

Our Maths lessons are bespoke. We focus on the problematic areas of the National Curriculum and beyond. We instil into our students a readiness to tackle new challenges with confidence and equip them with the intellectual tools to handle subject matter above their school year.


Within the space of the classroom, students do not have the opportunity to progress beyond the learning outcomes of the entire class. At Gifted Thinkers, we believe learning should be an individual process, that consistently shifts and adapts to the needs of the child. Learning should be a metamorphic process in which students become gifted in a subject from continuous hard work, resilience and growth.



Maths with flexibility in mind at Gifted Thinkers 


Some examples of key content covered within a Gifted Thinkers English tuition session:

  • Column addition and subtraction; simple multiplication; two-digit multiplication; DMSB (the Divide, Multiply, Subtract and Bring Down method)

  • Fractions 

  • Decimals and decimal places

  • Worded Problems

  • Understanding Money in real-life contexts and problems

  • Time

  • Understanding patterns and replicating these using a given rule

  • Timestables knowledge; speedy arithmetic

  • Probability

  • Mean, median, mode and range

  • Algebra

  • Understanding units of measurement (both distance and weight)

  • Rounding whole numbers (to the nearest 10 and 100) and rounding to the nearest decimal place.

  • Properties of a circle: radius, diameter, arc

  • Calculating the circumference and area of a circle using pi

  • Shape properties and transformation

  • Coordinates

  • Interpreting graphs and data including bar charts, tally charts and box and whisker diagrams

  • Percentages

  • Negative numbers

  • Angles and types of angles

  • Types of triangles

  • Area, perimeter and volume

  • Calculating the area of specific shapes