Upgrade for a Spanish Booster

We understand that not all of our clients will be interested in the Spanish Plan with an entire hour dedicated to Spanish. For this reason, we offer a Spanish upgrade to the Maths, English or 11+ and Entrance Exam plans.


Our clients can upgrade their Maths, English or 11+ and Entrance Exam plan, giving their children the opportunity to learn Spanish with a highly qualified tutor for a 20-minute boost at the end of each tuition session. Please see our Price Plans for more information on this upgrade.


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Progressing to new alturas (that’s height in Spanish)


We strive to build our students’ vocabulary in Spanish to new heights and introduce them to complex grammatical structures. Our Gifted Thinkers students gain exceptional confidence in Spanish speaking exercises and engage in creative activities in Spanish. It is of utmost importance to us that our students are having fun, whilst acquiring exceptional knowledge of a second language. In fact, children’s brains have a higher capacity for language learning: meaning they will learn more, and quicker!


The acquisition of a second language is renowned for boosting brain power, improving memory, sharpening the mind, improving knowledge of the first language and boosting performance in other academic areas. It is our aim, at Gifted Thinkers, to encourage all of our students to add Spanish to their academic plan in the anticipation that it will boost their performance in other academic areas and improve their level of English.



Spanish Lessons taught by a Dr-to-be.


At Gifted Thinkers, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional Spanish tuition, taught by a tutor with over 10 years of academic knowledge and who is working towards a PhD in Spanish literature. 


Classes can be tailored to any level of Spanish language that our students already possess, from a complete novice to an A level student preparing for their final exams and hoping to attend a top university. The 1-hour lessons will be spent covering the essential skill sets for learning a language: 

  • Listening

  • Reading

  • Speaking 

  • Writing



Give your child the gift of language with Gifted Thinkers 

Foreign Languages

Note: We are recruiting language tutors based on demand. Currently we are only offering Spanish Lessons at Gifted Thinkers Foreign Languages Division. Please suggest a language by emailing learning@giftedthinkers.com.


Example Content Covered in a Spanish lesson:

  • Alphabet and Numbers

  • Practical Spanish 

  • Grammar: -AR verbs, -ER verbs, -IR verbs

  • Regular and Irregular Verbs

  • Radical Changing Verbs

  • Agreement and Position of Adjectives

  • Tenses: Present Tense, Immediate Future Tense, Future, Conditional, Preterite, Imperfect, Perfect and when to use these

  • Regular Preterite Verbs and Irregular Preterite Verbs

  • Conjunctions, prepositions and pronouns

  • Negative Words

  • Using Ser and Estar

  • Uses of Por and Para

  • Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns

  • Time Expressions

  • Using the Passive

  • Using the Absolute Construction

  • Modal Verbs to express recommendations and obligations

  • Subjunctive: Present and Past

  • Subjunctive Rules

  • Expressing Opinions in Spanish 

  • Vocabulary for a number of topics depending on age

  • Personal ‘A’

  • Indefinite Antecedents