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Creating the next generation of Gifted Thinkers!

Note: Our new centre in Altrincham will be opening soon! We have special offers available for Mums and Dads in Manchester who are looking for available space in our Altrincham centre. Contact or click to learn more.

Why are Gifted Thinkers the Right Fit for Your Child?

Gifted Thinkers
GT +

Bespoke Entrance Exam Training for the next generation of

Gifted Thinkers.

Specialised Training

for Entrance Exams

Gifted Thinkers

Get to know your

Gifted Thinkers tutor through a weekly 1:1 session on our secure online platform.

An entirely tailored

1:1 tuition service

Gifted Thinkers

In our collaborative learning environment , work alongside other Gifted Thinkers.

Face-to-face tailored

learning programmes


Our ethos at Gifted Thinkers...

Foster a work ethic that the next generation will

take with them throughout their life.


Education should be both challenging and

rewarding and our students grow to understand that learning is a part of life that should not have to stop, despite our age or circumstances.

In your initial session, we will assess your child in a plethora of academic areas in order to ensure that we can provide a tailored service, that meets the academic needs of your child.


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