The 11+ requires 10- and 11-year-olds to understand Maths concepts beyond their school year, to know words beyond their vocabulary and work at a pace they have never before experienced. Our 11+ Comprehension Club is designed to focus intensively on the comprehension skills necessary for success in Entrance Exams. Maths often becomes an intense focus of 11+ training and comprehension can easily become neglected. 


Every week, a Gifted Thinkers tutor will work with their group on challenging comprehension texts, from Charles Dickens, Jane Austen to Virginia Woolf… With guided support, your child will acquire an extensive vocabulary, understand challenging texts and answer comprehension questions collectively with their group. Our Comprehension Club aims to give 11+ training without it feeling prescriptive, pushing our students creatively and critically. 


Reading between the lines of literary texts can be hard for primary school students; add in unfamiliar vocabulary and an excerpt taken from a classic such as Dickens and students will be left feeling completely overwhelmed. A new take on 11+ training, our Comprehension Club aims to guide our students to tackle texts from the nineteenth century and beyond, instilling an enthusiasm for English Literature whilst preparing them for one of the toughest exams of their life to date…


If your child is not preparing for an Entrance Exam but you’d like them to be challenged beyond their current literacy level, our Comprehension Club is still a suitable fit for you. Children may not have reached their potential in literacy due to the current pandemic and our Comprehension Club can provide a much needed boost in literacy…


GT 11+ Comprehension Club 

£50 per month


✓ Guided Reading and e-support from a Gifted Thinkers Tutor

✓ Work alongside other students in a collaborative virtual space

✓ Learn comprehension techniques and tips and put these into practice

✓ Gain confidence in tackling texts from the nineteenth century and beyond

✓ Prepare for the English section of the 11+ (particularly the CEM Entrance Exam and Entrance Exams with a core comprehension component)


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